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$250k in legal and up to $1m in funding

To date we have received great support via our Givealittle Donation page which has helped:

  • build this website;

  • spread awareness and make many of you aware of what is going on;

  • professionals review the resource consent and submit advice;

  • Facebook adverts;

On the 1st September, I reached out to Ruapehu District Council asking whether there was a possibility that Carrot Park Trust could purchase the land at Teitei Drive for the expansion of the park & for future recreational purposes beside the rugby field. An offer of $1m was made to council, where the proceeds of the land sale could purchase a few houses on market and council could manage them under their existing social housing portfolio. If council did this, it would ensure locals are being provided housing & that people were not being relocated into our town, it would also mean Council would take action if there was any issues with tenants, unlike what we see in Kāinga Ora cases all around the country. A win win for everyone.

Unfortunately to date, I have not heard anything back from council on the offer to purchase the land, however we have had generous offers to underwrite up to $250,000 in legal funding to allow us to fight the battle. There are numerous avenues that have been investigated and we will fight to the bitter end and claim damages & costs against RDC in court, which we are confident we have a good chance of putting to this huge mistake. We will still crowd fund via our Givealittle page to cover our legal battle & possibly purchase the land. Any funds left over, will be donated to the Carrot Park Trust for further expansion of the park we have all come to love and cherish.

Our legal team are still working on a rate-payer association that can be used both now and in the future, to ensure we have a voice in future decisions being made for our community.

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