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Ruapehu Long Term Plan (LTP)

Updated: Apr 15

Councils Long Term Plan (LTP) is currently under consultation with the community and open for submissions. All Documents can be viewed on Council website Here. We note that Horizon Regional Council LTP will be out soon and will also have massive increases, up to 45%+ for some regions or zones.

I share my comments and choices below, please complete the online survey before 12th May (closing date), you can do it online here.

  1. Land Transport Forestry Targeted Rate - Option 2 (Our preferred option)  My Comment - I believe forestry need to pay their fair share towards damaged roads and curbs, read more info here.

  2. Environmental Resilience Targeted Rate - YES - apply (Our preferred option) My Comment - it needs to be low and consultation for increases, however others may wish to vote NO to this item. The proposed charge is $21.22 incl GST per rating unit, see info here.

  3. Rates Remission Policy - Option 2 (Our preferred option) My Comment - again some may wish to vote NO to this item. I suggest reading the info here.

  4. Removal of 3% early rate payment discount - Option 1 Maintain the 3% early rate payment discount My Comment - early payments supports councils positive cashflow thus should be discounted. To borrow money is expensive and costs more than 3%, money received in advance from this policy could be invested in high interest earning accounts and it should be cash positive.

  5. Change to our Māori Freehold Land Remission Policy - Option 1 My Comment - There was no comment box; rates support roads, 3 waters, environmental, parks etc. This should be paid and supported by all in the community else these services are all being subsidised for by rate payers for the benefit of everyone. A comment was made around this affect too, to quote "All remissions shift the rate requirement to other ratepayers which would increase" - see more info here

  6. Changes to our Financial Strategy - Option 1 Maintain our current self-imposed rates revenue increase limit of LGCI + 2% My Comment - Council borrowed to upgrade 3 waters and counted eggs before they hatched. They knew there was a high possibility that government wouldn’t pay this back if national won the election. The overspending on the ATMS / Teitei was another failure, along with spending on items that were not of priority. Council needs to work within their means and tighten their belts. Increasing this now just gives council the ability to cover the costs from their past mistakes without taking ownership or a change of direction, meaning we will likely be up for more increases in future LTPs if we allow this.

See screenshot below from 21 April 2021 LTP where they discussed the possibility of government not funding the large spend, they took a gamble and you can see my comment circled below from that day.

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