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Another example of Council Consultation

I know this post wont be for everyone, but after reading it, hopefully you understand my point about how council market or consider their views in consultation. To me it seems very bias and certainly shows how council have this belief that they consulted on their housing policy, which no one denied we needed housing, just the way they went about it & the broadness of the question.

Firstly, I've been a non-smoker for 6 years, but I do vape; not one of those large clouds of smoke, just something discreet and I'm thankful it helped me quit smoking because nothing else did

Council have a post on their Facebook page, with a link to a Survey to have your say. When you look at it and read the image, it says "Should parks in Ruapehu be smoke and vape free?". Not one of the questions in the survey asked this, and I'd bet most people wouldn't bother clicking through to the survey or policy as we can probably all agree that smoking and vaping around kids in a park is frowned upon.

So they've sold their case on this policy based on single image that doesn't actually reflect the policy at all!

What the post doesn't mention, unless you click through and fill it out, is that they are classifying smoking and vaping into the same category and just want to blanket ban the lot, but across all public spaces, that being streets and car parks, all footpaths, outdoor dining spaces etc.

I think they need to be more direct and say what they mean "Do you think smoking and vaping should be banned in ALL public places"

They did do a post a few days before asking "Should public sports areas in Ruapehu be smoke & vape free".

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