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Below we document a timeline related to Teitei Drive
(Links for reference which will open in a new page)



  • July 2020 - CIP Committee considered Teitei Dr project and turned it down (see page 68)

  • 5 August 2020 - Alleged intention to sell and delegation of authority to CE. The wording of the resolution, was to provide the CEO (Clive Manley) authority to sign an agreement with CIP to receive funding.

  • 20 August 2020 - meeting of Council considered Ree Anderson report and ?? passed resolutions she proposed (in committee)

  • 6 November 2020 - CIP Steering Group minutes record support withdrawn for RDC proposal

  • 30 November 2020 - OIAs show Scope Changed to – 6 units at 11-13 Moore St and 44 enabled lots at Teitei Drive

  • 11 December 2020 - CIP Funding declined a second time. Notes from CIP Meeting. Clive advised Teitei is not being recommended, doesn't meet shovel ready and will not likely start in the 1 year requirement. Teitei has been rejected twice at this point, and Clive is told he could lobby Ministers to attempt to change the decision. CIP working group was adamant Teitei project would be hard to bring back and unlikely they would change their decision. (see page 53 for report from CIP and page 68 for re-application)

  • 18 December 2020 - Cheal feasibility report re site development. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY refers to 44 sites and an additional 150 – notes under ODP will require an RC as discretionary or Non-Complying activity

  • September 2020 - Council put forward a policy for "Public and Affordable Housing Asset and Tenancy Management Strategy", 21 submissions were made. A question existed for online submissions, but not on the form that was included in the policy document, this additional question was "Do you think Council should be more ambitious and develop housing as well as land to speed things up", 11 of the 21 said yes; we believe this is the basis Council believe they can sell a rate payer asset without consultation.

  • 2021-2023 LTP - Council asked what their role in addressing the housing issue should be, their preferred option was "Council facilitates, advocates and partners with others". Again, no discussion about land sale, location of land, etc. This was an open ended question, that everyone would agree, is good for our community, but we would expect to be consulted on the plan once one was formulated.


  • April - CIP Approves funding for Moore Street, this covers the delegated authority CE received 5th August 2020

  • 4 August - Additional application for funding for the 3rd time, under IRG not CIP (see page 68)

  • 7 December – Ngati Rangi letter to KO regional with concerns


  • 31 March - Draft preferred option spatial plan for Ohakune

  • 5 April - Meeting agenda, item 6 was to work out Land Price

  • 21 April- Internal workshop held

  • 9 August - CE meeting with Roger Eradus re Ngati Rangi and telephone call with Le Pine & Co re Teitei housing project ALSO called hui and had large number involved

  • 1 September - Email Ree Anderson copied an email from Warrick Zander advising Council preferred Grant Eccles to be the independent planner from start to finish

  • 21 September - confidential concept drawings produced for RDC, KO Na Ngati Rangi – two options suggested 145 lots – 157 lots

  • 27 October - Giles Tait from KO starts working on Teitei, apparently gives verbal COI

  • 24 November - latest topographical information drawing of Lot 2 DP54902 number 220528-TP001

  • 12 December - Ngāti Rangi blessed Teitei Dr in preparation for site works (page 16)


  • January - In briefing to Minister Woods for letter to Ngati Rangi a statement that “No public consultation on project” and RDC will announce the project once agreement signed

  • 13 February - Kahu Environmental approached for steam report

  • March - CIP Funding "Ohakune was contracted in March 23". (see page 27), it takes 3 months (20 Jun) for council to then advise the public of their intention and a further month (1 Aug) for the first discussion with the public

  • 14 March - Clive (CEO) receives contract to sign with Housing New Zealand Build (KO)

  • 15 March - pre-application meeting with Council planner and other staff. Confirmed not a Comprehensive Dev Plan application

  • 22 March - email from McNutt to KO and Cheal recommending LUC to subdivide due to undersized lots and noting no requirement for CIA

  • 24 March - Clive (CEO) sends signed agreement (Housing New Zealand Build) to KO

  • 4 April - KO (Housing New Zealand Build) reciprocate signing -  PART1 & PART2

  • 31 May - June report on project states Project value now $7,500,00 

  • 1 June - OIA documents reveal Barker & Associates & Cheal discuss issues with stormwater and how a box design culvert would be required, though resource consent is submitted a month later without this new design present (pages 7,8 & 9)

  • 8 June - Ngāti Rangi raise concerns over LOT sizes, intensity, density, safety, gangs, anti social behaviour and more.
    Tait near end of minutes confirmed KO fund shortfall. Roughly $2m, see page 22 for this statement.

  • 20 June - council advertised on their Facebook page a plan advising they have partnered with Kāinga Ora & Ngāti Rangi, no details were povided.

  • 21 June - Annual report RDC issued for 21/22 – signed by Mayor and CE with no mention of project or land sale.

  • 5 July - Date of AEE report and lodgement of RC (x2) with RDC and suggestion no need to advertise by Barker & Associates

  • 11 July - 2x Resource Consents (RC) were submitted for Teitei Drive.

  • 20 July - Stuff News write an article on the Teitei Drive project

  • 21 July - We printed off a flyer and did a post box drop to everyone in Snowmass advising them of planned development at Teitei Dr after finding out a Stage 2 & 3 had plans for the future (no funding).

  • 21 July 5:27pm - I was emailed a flyer from KO about future "Outreach Sessions"

  • 21 July 5:49pm - I received an email from KO on the 15/15/14 housing allocation.

  • 24 July - I received an email from KO, stating we are spreading misinformation, I stated we were making the public aware of what was happening based on the small amount of information being released.

  • 25 July - 2x Resource Consents were accepted

  • 27 July - Independent requests more time (extends from 20 business days to 40) under section 37A of RMA

  • 1 August - First community outreach with the public

  • 2 August - Snowmass developer David Holland questioned KO staff member if he had a property in the area or any interest in the matter, to which the staff member said no.

  • 3 August - Zoom meeting, where the community expressed their concern and were told this was proceeding no matter what the community thought.

  • 4 August - We questioned whether a conflict interested with a senior designer and resource consent staff member at KO. This employee advertises himself as "an expert at the negotiation process having got non-notified consent from council on a number of projects" + "including how to deal with the Environment Court"

  • 7 August - Parliamentary question was asked of the conflict. It is alleged a verbal notice was given, but a formal written conflict was only provided after being questioned. A review is being undertaken as it was agreed a formal conflict should have been lodged earlier, see parliamentary question and answer here Reasoning behind the extension of the reserve bordering the KO staff members property has been debunked by council records, engineering review and a walk of the site

  • 9 August - Bytalus letter to RDC - Ruapehu District Council receive first legal letter

  • 16 August - Council confirm there is no plans, documents, policies, or rules regarding workers accomodation.

  • 18th August - The Post does an article on the Conflict of Interest related to the project.

  • 18th August - I reached out to council to speak at the 23rd August Council meeting after seeing the first proper mention of Teitei for housing in the Agenda notes

  • 19 August - I publish my findings and proof that Council have never spoken openly about Teitei, even though RDC CEO has been planning it since mid 2021, and spent rate payer money on it.

  • 21 August - We were advised the Hui (due to be held 24th August) has been moved to 31st August, to allow all councillors to attend the meeting and hear from the community.

  • 21 August - Independent (Grant Eccles of Tonkin + Taylor) reviewing consent, requests S92 - more information from applicant.

  • 22 August - Giles Tait of Kainga Ora removed from project, internal handover followed

  • 23 August - Barry Murphy spoke infront of council pleading for council to consult on the land sale/gifting, which is a rate payer asset. To date Council had made no public attempt to discuss the matter. From 3rd August Zoom call, Clive (RDC CEO) left all questions and answers to KO to respond. In the Zoom call, I asked Clive to talk with the community, to which he told me to use existing council methods, hence me speaking.

  • 24 August - Bytalus letter to RDC - Council receive second letter, lawyer is preparing for a Judicial review & Interim injunction.

  • 28 August - Council respond to legal stating "There has been no request to pause the application from the Applicant, however the application was placed on hold pending further information. As at the time of this email, the application remains on hold (Day 24/ 40) until the further information is received"

    Bytalus respond with additional letter

  • 29 August - Petition of over 1200 signatures read in parliament and accepted to the petition committee for investigation.

  • 30 August - KO send our a message saying that they have requested the Resource Consent be notified, but also go on to state that they will take the advice of the Independent. In person I met with KO manager at a BBQ where they were marketing the project, and they confirmed that if the independent suggested that no notification was required, they would continue forward without notification.

  • 31 August - Head of Ngāti Rangi Helen replied to an email and referred to an independent report by "Impact Collection" stating there are 60 people on the social housing waitlist for Ohakune. I called and spoke to Steve from "Impact Collective" who confirmed this data was not verified and was a personal opinion; he then went on to say "Thats Interesting, We just received a notification from Ngāti Rangi saying they would not be utilising our data". This was another confirmation that the statistics being provided are heresy. We also corrected Steve on other points in their report.

  • 31 August 6PM - A record breaking turn out of people attend council meeting, only 3 of 9 councillors attend, over 90% of the room were in agreement they were not consulted and that council need to stop, re-think and consult. The turnout exceeded all expectations, catching the mayor, Weston Kirton, chief executive Clive Manly and attendant staff totally unprepared. Chairs were hastily rushed in to the Ohakune council chambers, then hastily reconfigured to squeeze in more seating, with people ultimately spilling out into the hallway where there was standing room only. See a short 60 second clip where council agreed that they have not consulted on the land sale/gifting and that they are at the very beginning of the process and the beginning of consultation, which I cannot believe, as resource consent has been submitted and they have said they plan to move forward after a special meeting vote.

  • 5 September - Whanganui Chronicle does an article on our petition presented to parliament.

  • 6 September AM- Ruapehu Bulletin does a write up about the petition and I respond with an open letter to the editor.

  • 6 September PM - We received a copy of communication and partial contracts under OIA. "This could deliver roughly 200 sections and is being called the Ohakune Social Housing project" (wording from the document) The agreement also states that Council is liable for all cost overruns over the $5.2m; and Kāinga Ora will only buy the land once the lots are finished development. Clive has said on 9th August that there is no cost to rate payer. Mayor Weston said that "the rate payer isn't paying for this as such, the land is the rate payers". Contract states that council will be responsible for selling the 14 workers accomodation properties and they must all be in a line, but contradicts its self (see below). This almost means the social houses will also all be in a line?? Council is responsible for site works and infrastructure (roading & 3 waters), Kāinga Ora will only purchase the lots once the project is complete; so any delays, cost over runs etc, will sit on council debt if overruns occur, delays, or the project doesn't complete, this is a risk to rate payers. It's unclear who sells the workers accomodation lots, but it would appear all 44 lots will be transferred into KO's name for them to handle that.

  • 7 September - I received response to an OIA stating that council has no involvement in the funding or establishment of a Wellness/Health centre in Raetihi or Ohakune, as mentioned by Deputy Mayor. I have requested clarity on who is developing it.

  • 13 September - Council receive our third Solicitor letter, requesting information.

  • 26 September - We receive a huge load of documents relating to Teitei Dr including all contracts and consultants documents

  • 27 September - Council meeting to decide the fate of Teitei Dr on first agenda item of monthly meeting - page 25 onwards. Please see our email to the consultant Ree Anderson that prepared the document, we believe the report is bias and a defence. Vote was 4 against continuing and 5 for. A breach of procedure where a motion to let it lie (defer) was called and seconded.

  • 29 September - Whanganui Chronicle article

  • 8 October - Ohakune Rate payer Incorporated Society applied for

  • 12 October - Bytalus letters to RDC and include RDC legal council Le Pine - pre-litigation discovery

  • 16 October - NZTA provides written approval under 95E of the RMA with conditions and assumptions around parking.

  • 3 November - Barker & Associates respond in part to the S92 notice

  • 14 November - Kainga Ora continue to provide misleading information regarding parking space, we have evidence from NZTA

  • 15 November - We write to council with concerns over the 3 November S92 response

  • 24 November - We write to the incoming Ministers about the complete waste of tax payer money

  • 29 November - Kainga Ora and Ruapehu District Council does a complete 180 and will now NOT notify the consent

  • 4 December - Kainga Ora send a briefing (AH 23 088) to Housing Minister with regards to Teitei Drive, lacks facts

  • 30 November - Letter to RDC and Horizon Regional Council, putting them on notice

  • 20 December - Public Release from ORS regarding long overdue KO review


  • 18 January - Stuff News writes an article around the commitment to notify the consent and then not​

  • 19 January - The Tax Payer Union take interest and blow the whistle on the budget blowout

  • 22 January - RDC and Horizon Regional Council put on notice again

  • 27 January - Council put on notice with regards to breaching the RMA; subsequently staff are reminded of their obligations

  • 31 January - ORS letter to Minister of housing regarding the briefing he received 4th December from KO

  • 17 February - It is discovered and highlighted to council that Teitei drive is not legaly formed, thus cannot approve any consent

  • 28 February - KO advises that due to cost blowouts and lack of funding, the project has been cancelled

  • 29 Febuary - One Roof , Stuff ArticleWhanganui Chronicle articles

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