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What we are doing

News Articles 

On the 23rd August, I spoke publicly at a Council Meeting, watch the video here

Our petition was accepted into parliament, watch the video here

On 9th August 2023, RDC were put on notice by our solicitors and asked to respond to a long list of concerns, some of which breach the LGA (Local Government Act) and some of their own policies; this will be shared publicly soon.

- Council has failed to follow the Local Government Act (LGA) with regards to consultation

- Council has failed to follow their own Significance and Engagement Policy

- Council has failed to follow The District Plan Polices and Rules (RE2.2.2)

- Senior Kainga Ora staff have failed to register a conflict of interest

- Council confirms NO Documents or Policies regarding "Workers Accomodation"

- We are aware of 2 developers slowed down over the last 3 years due to service capacity issues. 

Questions being asked by Minister Brook van Velden in Parliament 

We have submitted a number of "Offical Information Requests" on FYI website and some via email

  1. 05/10/22 - Before we knew what was going on, we were rejected - 2 and a half years later and I still do not have the tree report they promised.​

  2. 24/07/23 - To Crown Infrastructure Partners for terms of the regional funding

  3. 28/07/23 - To Kainga Ora multiple questions about partners and build type

  4. 01/08/23 - Asking for information regarding Teitei

  5. 04/08/23 - All communications between Renee (KO) and RDC

  6. 11/08/23 - Asking RDC about the long term workers accomodation

  7. 11/08/23 - Asking Kainga Ora the terms of the Affordable Homes

  8. 11/08/23 - Requesting every document, email, note that has reference to Teitei in 3 years

  9. 11/08/23 - Some serious questions asked of RDC CEO & Mayor

A survey has been setup for those that believe they are affected; please fill out the SurveyMonkey

A petition has just been created to obtain signatures from locals that appose those development.

Alternatively, sign the online version

We have engaged with professionals, some on a paid capacity

  • Lawyers

  • City Planning consultants

  • Engineering experts 

  • Developers

  • Roading experts

  • Valuators  (provide impact data for neighbouring properties)

  • and finally additional PR resources

If you have any skills that could assist us in fighting this development, please reach out

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