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Council confirm no plans for Workers Accommodation

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Today I got confirmation from Ruapehu District Council that no documents exist, nor any policies or plans for the proposed "Workers Accommodation" for the Teitei development.

This further confirms our suspicion that these houses will not end up as workers accomodation but rather additional social housing, taking the total to 30, or even to 44 if no one can afford the "Affordable first homes" proposed. We have asked from the start, what guarantees are in place to ensure Kainga Ora do not retain the titles to all 44 LOTs in the event they cannot be sold as houses can be purchased on TradeMe for cheaper than can be built; you'd get more for less $$$.

Council confirms no Documents or policies exist

How could a council obtain funding and advertise & market a proposal, without having any policies or plans in place. How did central government approve funding for this project with no documentation, checks or balances or due diligence. All responses from Minister Megan Woods to date, show that they are just trusting what RDC are saying & have not done any homework themselves. Kainga Ora is wasting tax payer money, just building homes, as their mandate states, without actually considering where the houses need to be. She has pretty much confirmed that people will be relocated into Ohakune as there is only 12 people on the waiting list for housing in Ohakune

They will build on any piece of land they can get away with, no matter what the consequences, or any care for the Local Government Act (LGA) & Council policies state.

The full thread can be viewed here, but in summary, I asked:

  1. Documents pertaining to the corporations that that would possibly manage said workers accomodation if it was a third party.

  2. The companies or corporates that would likely use the workers accomodation

  3. The plans on who would own the properties, Kainga Ora? RDC? Private entities?

  4. The estimated cost to build these properties

  5. Who would fund the build costs of the houses once the land LOTs were available.

  6. Would the properties (land or house) be discounted at all, and if so, by how much & why

  7. Who chooses who can rent or buy the properties?

  8. What policies have been planned or considered and what are the rules around it

  9. If the properties are not sold, who retains the title to the land and. who owns the house.

  10. If the properties are not sold, could these be used by Kainga Ora for public housing, or would this become a debt/risk to RDC?

  11. Clive (CEO) of RDC mentioned to me over the phone that WPI (and other entities) was interested in purchasing some of these properties for their workers, is any discount being provided if this was to happen; and if so, why?

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