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Council Meeting 23 August 2023

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

I gave a talk at the Public Forum of the council meeting held today, video links below. I'd like to thank Viv for asking questions and taking an interest in what I had to say.

I have chaptered specific questions, but I suggest watching the entire section from when I speak. You can also see a chapter hours into the call, where Clive (RDC CEO) is called up for not listening to council.

It's clear, that council still do not believe me that a number of locals & rate payers are against this project, so its important that as many people as possible can attend the Hui at Ohakune Council on 31st August at 6pm to show their support.

Our petition has now been sent off and parliament have accepted it to be tabled next week before parliament shut for the elections.

04:26 I address council on our concerns of about Teitei Drive 06:40 Viv asked me if I live locally? 07:10 What do you mean about consultation when you not actually local? 08:17 Where you aware this was consulted on 2 years ago? 09:10 What's the reference to allowing a ghetto? 09:37 What is the issue, is it the consultation or the type of buildings? 10:45 Lyn asked "Can you give me background of the Tonkin Taylor..." 11:44 Do you understand why Tonkin and Taylor were engaged? 12:05 Rabbit asks if I have viewed Moore street social houses? 12:53 What do you mean eye sore? 14:20 I must admit that the $600k I refer to is not the build, but including land, builders will need to come from out of town as we dont have resources, so they will need to pay for accomodation etc, bring in equipment and supplies from out of town which is costly. 15:17 You know there's that meeting tomorrow (it's changed to the 31st August) 15:27 Rabbit asks Will your 1200 signatures be turning up? 16:22 Rabbit So you're in Ohakune at the moment? 16:31 Viv asks would there be any difference if it wasn't Kainga Ora? 17:54 Viv, so just consultation and land sale? 18:51 Viv asks, what if the housing project was on the other side of the field? 02:02:10 Cracks show where Clive (RDC CEO) just wasting money and not listening to councillors - "We never asked for this strategy", Clive "we told you loud and clear it wasn't up for discussion".

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