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Council Meeting 27 September

Council have their regular meeting this Wednesday, the first agenda item is to vote on Teitei Drive, but they only give two options, no options for legal advice on the matter. The Consultant Ree Anderson, has provided a bias report, she's worked on the project since inception (2020), to provide the alibi for deception. The resolution options are:

  1. Resolves to continue with the proposed Teitei Drive Housing Development

  2. Resolves to unilaterally terminate the Sale and Development Agreement (the Contract) with Kāinga Ora

I (Barry Murphy) personally suggest, that a motion be called & seconded to protect liability of council and councillors & protect the community.

That in the interests of protecting Councillors’ (and therefore ratepayers from risk) the Council obtain a written legal opinion as to:

  1. Whether the Chief Executive had the authority to sign the agreement with Housing New Zealand Build Limited committing the Council to potential additional costs and to this project;

  2. Whether the information contained in the application for resource consent can properly support a subdivision providing for less than the minimum lot size of 450 sqm and/or whether that an application may breach RE3.3.5, RE3.3.3, RE2.2.2 and T13.3.3 if the design is for two storey houses

  3. Whether the Council have fully complied with obligations under the Local Government Act 2002 and all our policies in all decisions and dealings (including secrecy/ going into committee) with respect to the application to CIP for funding, the responses and pivot to two separate applications for grants and subsequent negotiations with Kainga Ora, HUD and HNZ Build Ltd.

I suggest emailing RDC Councillors (the Mayor & CEO have proven unhelpful), and ask them to request a motion to the above effect.

The information is on Page 25 onwards

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