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Impending Consent for Earthworks

With councils engagement letter last week stating they will be applying for a "Permitted Activity" consent which to our understanding will not go to Horizon Regional Council as they are stating it is "Permitted".

In the news this week, it was revealed that a new fast track consent process will be presented and likely implemented by 8th March. The fast track process gives the Minister the ability to approve projects of significance; we believe KO are likely to use this as a Plan B, if not already underway.

We need your help reaching out to Government!

Council and KO continue to state opposition is small & that we are spreading miss-information, even when we back up our statements with OIA documents. This in turn has lead to KO giving the Minister a narrative that is not clear of all the facts and the underhanded tactics they have been using has meant our views are not getting across.

Please reach out and show your opposition to this catastrophe before its too late, feel free to CC or BCC so we can keep track of the number of messages sent, send a brief email to the following addresses. Email:,,

Ohakune Ratepayers and Residents' Society Inc. 

This is also a timely reminder to ask for those that haven't yet joined ORS, to please do so if you are able, join for as little as $50.

Join today by making payment to the 

Society ASB Bank Account to 12-3610-0019781-00

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Jon Wilcox
Jon Wilcox
20 févr.

Apart from the fact that that tourism and the future of Ohakune is already under serious threat in the central plateau, what we do not need is substantial social housing close to liquor services, family holiday accommodation and family playgrounds.

Such housing should have been planned with far better foresight. An embarrassment to Kainga Ora and an inheritance of the last Govt. But as with Three Waters it can and must be stopped.

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