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KO Report by Government

Today a press release by Chris Bishop regarding the KO overspending and not obiding by contract values and just printing money to spend, the equivelent of every New Zealander having to chip in $4,000. See video on the NZ Herald

I received a call from the producer of Mike Hoskings show requesting an interview tomorrow morning, i'm just going through all the reports and news articles and waiting for further OIA documents to be released, so for the time being I have declined.

I believe the KO debarkle is now being resolved (over time) and our focus is now on RDC and for them to come clean and take ownership of their fault. We're due to receive information on the rate payer incurred costs for the ATMS & Teitei; this is our primary focus.

Additional documents available on the Beehive website:

OIA Information.

We've been receiving OIA responses in dribs and drabs, the information confirms that KO were aware of the budget overrun, not in Feb 2024, but in May 2023, a month after they signed for the $5.3m, they knew it was going to me $7.5m or more.

We're due for an important OIA back from council which is due 28th Feb which will give us the actual cost to rate payers for the dealing of Teitei.

More to come...

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