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Updated: Sep 2, 2023

We believe Kainga Ora & RDC are trying to distract people from attending tomorrows (31 August, 6pm) Hui at Council offices.

Today you would have received an update from Kainga Ora (see copy below), stating that

"in consultation with our development partners - requested to publicly notify the resource consent application for the subdivision"

BUT, they also go on to say (and I confirmed in person with KO)

"A decision will be made in due course by the independent consultants who are assessing the application"

They elude to engaging for the "past few months", complete and utter nonsense, the first engagement meeting was held this month, 2nd August!!

We still need everyone possible to attend the 6pm meeting Thursday 31st August at Council Offices in Ohakune. We need to voice our concerns about how badly council has handled this project and in complete secrecy. We need to ensure Council consult with rate-payers and the community about the sale of a rate payer asset, the land; they cannot just sell it without Consultation!

If you are unable to attend in person, please try your best to join the Zoom call via

Many thanks to everyone for your support with getting us to here!

Aug 30 Community update (A11144080)[13]
Download PDF • 455KB

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