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LTP Submissions / RDC a Cult?

Council have released agenda for 29th May meeting to discuss the LTP submissions. It would appear that council officers are recommending to go against the majority on just about every item.

LGCI+2% to LGCI+3%

While over 67% of respondents said to retain the current LGCI +2%, the recommendation is to just set it to 3%. Also consider many of the respondents in favour of the increase were health boards, council subsidiaries, council contractors, etc.

Discounts for early payment of rates

Over 67% of respondents requested the status quo, that rates remissions for Maori owned land; council themselves have admitted that it would be honest based and no one would track if land was being leased to other farmers etc.

"Council is at the beginning of its journey in respect of a new approach to wellbeing. In time, once the new Wellbeing Framework is adopted as part of the LTP, Council will move towards a more holistic approach to community wellbeing. The proposed policy moves council in that direction, and by adopting it as originally proposed , signals the start of a new way of considering Maori land. It will be one of few 'liberal' MFLRP in the country, offering more relief than the vast majority of these types of policies, which aligns well with councils strategic priorities of improving outcomes for Maori and various aspects of Councils new Wellbeing Framework, including the Te Tiriti o Waitangi pou"

This will be at the expense of rate payers as already highlighted in the LTP plans. This is a disgrace and seems like a similar mistake to their wellbeing attempt at providing housing at scale at the expense of rate payers, to which we await our response due 28th May on the total costs of the ATMS / Teitei Drive projects.

In Closing / Summary

It would appear this council is a lone wolf acting on their own beliefs and ideas, rather than that of their community. It would appear that there is no longer a democracy and our voices mean nothing, as we saw with Teitei Drive; rather the idealistic views of a few at the top are being pushed on the community like some sort of cult.

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