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Mayors failure today at RDC Council Meeting 27th Sep 2023

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

See below chaptered sections of the meeting so you can scrub to the specific locations of the Zoom call, highlighted in red is some key points, just click on the time to open the video in a new window.

Firstly, the mayor did not need to put on the agenda an item to vote for or against the project continuing, no discussion or debate was had, and this could have been tabled.

Lyn, Robyn, Viv, Rabbit, Brenda, Channey all asked for more consultation by letting the report and resolution lie on the table, thats 6 of 9 councillors, however Mayor Weston and Clive managed to confuse people by not accepting the motion called by Viv and Seconded by Lyn. Our Legal advice on the matter is that the Mayor Could/Should have accepted the motion. That a breach has occurred and could be rectified. ### Watch the short 2:25minute clip here ###

This is a shortened 15 minute version, with highlights of issues and concerns raised, it also has annotations in the video of the failures by Weston & Clive.

54:20 - Clive Gives background on 31st August meeting and confirms large turnout

55:49 - Clive confirms legal advice

56:13 - It will be publicly notified

57:00 Fiona moves to receive the report and to resolve to continue with Teitei Drive

57:10 it is seconded

57:35 Fiona speaks

01:03:15 Janelle speaks

01:07:17 - Viv speaks and has concerns of land gifting

01:08:15 - Lyn speaks

01:10:11 - There wasn't much interest in 2020 Housing Strategy (21 submissions)

01:11:32 - Many reports from Ree but it doesn't give all the facts (its an opinion)

01:13:20 - Spacial plan has no high density development for Teitei

01:13:42 - Do I think the community has been adequately consulted, No! They've actually been deceived.

01:16:02 - Teitei/Carrot Park designed to attract visitors stopping

01:16:21 - It breached our significance policy advice in the report was for 6 units not 44 units.

01:17:53 - We have been forced by confidentiality which meant proper consultation was impossible

01:18:20 - Rate payer land, given to KO, does not meet our bylaws let alone spacial plan

01:18:55 - 300sqm sections will not allow for visual privacy, acoustic privacy, or outdoor living space, its a tourist town.

01:19:29 - Weston, you put this on our agenda forcing a yay or nay (could have had a discussion first!)

01:19:57 - Lyn votes to terminate agreement

01:22:51 - Robyn speaks

01:26:01 - We need to stop, deep breath & have some consultation

01:26:20 - Robyn votes to defer

01:26:40 - Viv speaks

01:28:35 - Viv moves motion to lie on table

01:28:45 - Weston states another motion "to let it lie on the table" and it supersedes

01:29:50 - Weston tries to convince room to proceed

01:30:49 - Fiona advises Channey trying to get online to vote

01:31:15 - Viv calls a point of order to get a second for motion to let it lie and Lyn seconds

01:31:25 - Weston tries to say he did not hear someone "I move it lie on the table".

01:31:34 - Viv and Lyn reiterate the motion to lie on the table

01:32:00 - Weston and Clive talk about superseding motions and Clive gives Mayor/Chair advice, Clive gives incorrect information and is called out that its the other way around. Clive and Weston confuse people on the motion thats been called multiple times to table.

01:34:20 - Rabbit speaks

01:37:09 - Rabbit had a zoom meeting with Mayor of Rotorua

01:39:25 - Those 300sqm sections are tiny, we pegged one out, its stupid, its fine for a hut

01:41:29 - Rabbit says to let it lie on the table

01:41:48 - Brenda speaks

01:43:09 - Brenda request to let it lie on the table

01:43:23 - Korty speaks

01:44:09 - Channey appears logged in as Rina Hepi (Another councillor), looks like he was on a job, not at home with a sore back

01:45:25 - Korty supports motion to go ahead with Teitei

01:45:40 - Channey is asked if he wants to speak and vote on the resolution

01:46:40 - Consultation on RDC behalf has been shocking

01:46:55 - Channey is happy to support the motion put forward to put this on the table until we go back to our people

01:47:44 - Weston tries to clarify what the motion, and says they not allowing it to lie on the table, or even a suggestion.

01:48:41 - Weston says Fiona has spoken for the resolution to continue with the process.

01:49:05 - Channey just supports Fiona, this is the second time he has been confused at a resolution and voted out of confusion (RSSA meeting was the other).

01:54:37 - Weston says we now take a vote for the motion

01:55:00 - All those in favour raise your hand

01:55:20 - Raise hands against the motion, Rabbit, Lyn, Viv, Robyn

01:57:30 - I dont know if thats appropriate that you send apologies for the meeting, then turn up to vote (Channey & Korty)

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