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Misleading information being provided

Att: Ombudsman

I write to you with concern that Kainga Ora have been providing incorrect and misleading information to questions and OIA responses.

My concerns do not relate just to this one item (parking), but numerous questions being mishandled and answered vaguely.

In many cases, Kainga Ora have just responded with a link to their website of the project.

We have had to re-address the question, stating their errors and the information is not present; only to wait a further 20+ business days, over and over.

Below is a number of items and attachments with relation to my concerns on this one matter; regarding parking at Teitei Drive, Ohakune

I continue to question Kainga Ora regarding the number of car parks being provided, both on street and at each lot/property. Numerous times, I have been told there would be 2 car parks per residential lot (as per the district plan, rules & policies), and am referred to masterplan for both residential lot parking & street parking. A number of members have received that same avoidance of the question and similar responses. I am happy to collate these.

History of questioning

  1. 25 July 2023 - Giles Tait & Renee Regal of Kainga Ora were asking about street parking numbers and how many parking spaces per lot as some showed 1 parking. They said they would take it as an action point and get back to me but the audio is available here

  2. 9th October 2023 - See OI 23 434 (Appendix 1) response from KO stating "Each new lot will have two parking spaces and there will be additional street parking. I refer you to the Concept Masterplan and the Integrated Traffic Assessment in the Resource Consent documents". I followed up stating that the masterplan did not contain details of the street parking. See Appendix 2 & 3 which are the pages regarding parking in the master plan, you will note each lot has 2 parking spaces in the map key. You will also see the street parking is over a sidewalk, the berm cannot be walked on as its for storm water / swale.

  3. 24 October 2023 - I refer to Appendix 4 OI 23 547 response where again KO avoid answering the question regarding parking. See full thread here -



I now point to the following documents I received yesterday, with evidence showing Kainga Ora had planned for single car parks at some lots from the start, and just avoided answering information being asked both verbally and via OIA requests.

  • NZTA raised concerns over parking overflowing onto SH49 as it is with the Carrot Park in Ohakune - See Appendix 5 (Highlighted page 2)

  • 26 July 2023 - See Appendix 6 (highlighted page 1), a response to questions asked of NZTA, this information was obviously known well before the call with Giles Tait and Renee Regal (25th July) and subsequent OIA responses. States "that some of the house typologies are going to only support a parking demand of only one car per dwelling"

  • See Appendix 7 (Highlighted on page 1)- This document submitted in resource consent and used to submit the independent plannedr approving the consent, it shows that they "comply" with council regulations for district policies/rules with regards to Parking.

  • See Appendix 8 (highlighted on page 1)- This document is acceptance that NZTA would allow the consent, with conditions. However recommends 2 parking spaces per Lot; the very item we have been asking about due to our same concerns and not getting answers to.

  • We have highlighted concerns regarding the intersection on Teitei Drive / SH49 but these lay on deaf ears (we are happy NZTA picked up on this and rejected their consent until they made provisions for a turn right bay)

Summary & Additional info

Our Society has very valid concerns with transparency and the clear withholding of information from Kainga Ora & Ruapehu District Council on the matters concerning the “Ohakune Social Housing Project”, we believe these responses are in clear breach of the LGOIMA.

3rd August 2023 - Questions were raised by the public during the first public consultation with the public -

31st August 2023- attended by over 150 ratepayers, parking & traffic were some of the concerns raised, all of which have been ignored by Kainga Ora and Ruapehu District Council.

RDC & KO contractors pushed NZTA to provide support for the consent.

It’s evident that in this case NZTA confirmed our concerns, however there are many items still of concern to residents and ratepayers, many of which RDC is the authority we complain to and has no one to answer to, or to challenge them.

NZTA held their decision until compromise was made; who is looking out for the community, especially when information isn’t being released as requested.

Kainga Ora had the cheek to call our OIA questions “to be frivolous or vexatious” (Appendix_9_OI 23 642), because we’d had to ask the same questions over and over; when clearly the facts will show they are evading the answers.

Kind Regards

Barry Murphy

President - Ohakune Ratepayers and Residents' Society Inc

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