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Not a peep from Council, please email councillors using the link below

Since the 31st August public meeting, I've had many ask for an update, whether I know if a special meeting was held as Mayor Weston suggested, however we've not heard a single word from Council.

I urge residents and rate-payers to contact council and ask questions and ask whether a special meeting has gone ahead or is planned & what the outcome has been.

It's my belief that council is still not taking us seriously, this was apparent when I addressed council on the 23rd August and received a sniggering response "will your 1200 signatures be turning up". After that comment, you would have thought council would prefer to be prepared, rather they embarrassed themselves having to reconfigure the room and hall tables out and chairs in. You'd think, with a record breaking turnout, they would be on top of this and show some sort of remorse, but remember, Weston did say "So far the councillors are adamant this is going ahead"

Medical/Wellness Center

A question was asked how the health system would cope with the additional people which Deputy Mayor Vivienne responded that a Medical/Wellness centre was being established in Ohakune and Raetihi, but that "they have only given us $2m".

I've been trying to find out who is setting up these centres and where they are planned, who is providing the funding etc. I have asked by way of OIA for more details of council, however no documents, no funding requests, no information at all is available via council, you can see the question and response here.

Official Information Act

We're not getting very many responses, I suggest if you have any questions or concerns, you reach out to RDC publicly and request the information via Official Information Act, where they legally have an obligation to respond within time frames, it can be done so here -

If council do not respond in a timely manner, a complaint can be submitted to the ombudsman, to which we submitted a few due to deadlines being missed under the act.

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