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Ohakune's successful Kainga Ora Trial

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Is this what we should expect to see at Teitei Drive?

According to council website, for 13 Moore St, there are 5 x 1 bedroom and 1 x 2 bedroom units; these cost an average $350k per unit ($2.2m) to build.

​Yesterday (2nd August 2023) I attended a drop in session at Council Chambers, where Ruapehu District Council & Kainga Ora officials show cased the proposed development at Teitei Drive.

One of the marketing boards showed a kiwibuild home as shown to the right.

I found it interesting as when we have asked for designs or thoughts around houses, they keep saying they haven't got to house design phase yet. We also found it very odd that the resource consent Appendix 3, every single dwelling submitted to fit on the small proposed land lots was a two story unit.

​An RDC representative (and RDC CEO Clive previously) mentioned that they had built a 6 unit trial in Moore Street and it was very successful and actually came in under budget meaning they had spare money to spend on other things.

I did point out that building on a shovel ready LOT with services already existing at the boundary was a completely different ball game to doing a subdivision of this size with so many unknowns such as Subterranean rocks where infrastructure may need to run.

I decided to take a drive down Moore St to take a look for myself; see pictures to the right.

I don't know if you've ever seen Reels or TikTok's of "Insta vs Reality" but to keep it light hearted, take a look here and hear best viewed with sound for the laughs.

Back to reality though, and with no disrespect to those in Moore St, the trial was done in an Industrial / Commercial area; the street hosts mostly motels and what appears to be other social houses. This is completely different to being right next door to Ohakune's pride and joy, the Carrot Park, and the high value Snowmass subdivision. You may now get reference to the first TikTok I linked to above with reference to "Insta vs Reality"

If you have concerns, like me, please sign our petition at

Ohakune is a population of around 1200 people; we are already at over 750 signatures

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