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Open letter to RDC

Letter addressed to RDC, in response to the OIA document pictured to the right

We have recently become aware of NZTA challenging the project consultants and rejecting the data provided for the SH49 / Teitei Intersection.

The overall outcome is that NZTA have conditionally provided support for the development with a turn right lane and parking suggestions.

It’s clear that many aspects of the 'project consultants' work was inadequate and amendments have been made.

Council, the consenting authority for Ruapehu, should be challenging the design & layout, sizes, etc for a subdivision they are partner to.

It would appear Council are setting a precedent for developers to circumvent future developments abiding by the District Plan, Polciies & Rules.

One would expect the council to be setting an example of how the rules are followed, not where the loopholes exist.

The District Plan, Rules and Policies are set out and agreed to by the community and rate payers, to ensure our community thrives. This whole process with Teitei drive is very upsetting to residents and ratepayers & does not provide a transparent & trusting process.

When residents have pointed out flaws and failures, council has not taken action or made comment, rather they have defended the application they are party to. Residents and ratepayers have no other authority to rely on, other than roading (NZTA) or Horizon regional council consents; we should be able to trust our Council is doing right, but this isn't the case.

We find it very deceitful and a huge conflict of interest that council would be party, partner and joint applicant to such a process.

Please provide resource consent documents that relate to non complying activities applied for in the last 12 months and advise whether they were approved or declined; this can be limited to lots under the size of 450sqm.

Kind Regards

Barry Murphy

President - Ohakune Ratepayers and Residents' Society Inc

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