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Ratepayer & Taxpayer Costs to June 2023

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Under OIA we have been able to obtain costs associated with Teitei Drive consultancy fees to date for KO and up to June 2023 with RDC.

$700k (incl GST) has been spent before ground has broken, or before consent has been approved. This figure is likely closer to $1m or more as it does not include internal costs or staff time & resources, or expenses such as travel and accommodation.

Kainga Ora even paid $2,031 for "Corporate Care Services" otherwise known as security for a two day BBQ event they held in Ohakune.

I'd hate to know the costs incurred from July to now & the cost of all the people that have been working on this project & the internal costs associated. Then add the Notified Consent commissioner & then Judicial Review; these costs are going to sky rocket and is money out of everyones pocket, be it ratepayers or income tax payers.

RDC - $175k +GST

RDC has spent around $175k (excl GST) of ratepayer money thus far; this number likely higher due to costs possibly assigned to other projects. We dont believe this includes costs spent to evaluate other land where the CEO had delegation to spend $225k, nor does it include internal costs such as man hours, vehicle use, public BBQ etc.

Kainga Ora - $430k +GST

Community BBQ - $3,678 +GST

A Community BBQ held over 2 days as a cost of $3,678 (excluding KO Staff time, travel and accomodation costs) to the taxpayer, this does however include $2,031.08 for "Corporate Care Services" which is essentially security services, as reflected in the below OIA.

The amount does not include the actual BBQ trailer, the food or drinks, which was covered by the ratepayers of Ruapehu District. Again, this doesn't RDC staff time or resources.

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