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Senior KO planners conflict

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

As per Dominion Post this morning, a Senior Planner & "Resource Consent Whizz" working on the Teitei Development was found to have a Conflict of Interest (COI) which was only formally lodged on Monday, following our questioning Council and KO on the 4th August.

The Senior staff members property (held in Trust) is highlighted in red below, showing a 2666sqm strip bordering his property was installed as a reserve, however initial pencil drawn drafts show the reserve was only extended after he joined the team.

Senior Staff members property disconnected from KO project by a reserve.

We have investigated the site in person & it is our belief that an additional 3-4 houses could have been installed.

We have checked council GIS mapping and spoken with professionals that built the neighbouring Snowmass, whom confirmed if any pipe was present it was no longer in use as new Stormwater drains were installed and diverted flow.

Original pencil drawings showing a much smaller reserve

Kainga Ora & Ruapehu District Council are doing what they want without any consultation or due diligence shows the lack of knowledge and the problems caused when you do something without seeking advice from the community.

- Council has failed to follow the Local Government Act (LGA) with regards to consultation

- Council has failed to follow their own Significance and Engagement Policy

- Council has failed to follow The District Plan Polices and Rules (RE2.2.2)

- Senior Kainga Ora staff have failed to register a conflict of interest

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