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Society Approval Imminent & Updates


We submitted for the society earlier this week, in theory it should have been approved yesterday, however being the second application under the new Act, there have been teething issues on the governments processing. We anticipate approval will be completed shortly.

Official Information

We continue to submit requests for information and slowly (in many cases 40+ business days later) start to receive responses. Some of the information is already historical as we've got answers via other methods, but quite a bit of new items are still coming through. Many people including myself have been submitting complaints to the Ombudsman, the Auditor General & to Ministers.

Kāinga Ora did respond to a question we asked, whether there were any protections against the workers accomodation and affordable houses becoming social houses, if they didn't end up selling. If this happened, this could mean that all 44 houses could become social houses; as per the official project name "Ohakune Social Housing Project" and what we have highlighted could happen, for some time.

I refer you to the Sale and Development agreement regarding title ownership.There are no protections in place to ensure they do not become social houses, although our intention is to provide a mixed development and only retain 14 public homes

46 Lots not 44 - who gets the spare ones?

On 20th June, RDC made their first communication about Teitei on their Facebook page, stating 44 lots were being developed, this is also shown on Kainga Oras website regarding Teitei Dr as "44 homes in a mixed housing development, which includes 14 homes for workers to rent long-term, 15 affordable homes and 15 public homes". On 25th July, Mr Tait (Project lead at KO) stated over zoom to me that "its turned out to be 46 but thats irrelevant (click to listen to audio)", they led us to believe the additional 2 lots were reserves/parks.

We recently (via OIA) received a full layout of lot sizes and numbers and discovered there is indeed 2 additional sections that no one seems to know who will own them.

Ngati Rangi

There is speculation that Ngāti Rangi have been assigned the two lots, to have them come onboard as partners and bless the project which was a requirement of the funding.

Ngāti Rangi had previously written to the partners and said they would not support the project unless guarantees that they would get priority access to the housing.

Have a read of this public response in parliamentary questions by Megan Woods WPQ24553 where it is stated "There is no formal agreement with Kāinga Ora for houses to be given or allocated to Ngāti Rangi", just read between the lines, this is likely to be formalised down the line.

Complaint to Council & Government

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