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Three KO staff visit Teitei on 25th March

We've had reports from two residents via separate communications that 3 people visited Teitei Drive on the 25th March and then went to Council offices. One of the residents stated that they recognised them as Kāinga Ora staff. We have opened an Official Information request which is available here.

We really need Council to front up and speak to residents and ratepayers, they haven't said a word since the 31st August 2023 public meeting, where they had promised to hold another public meeting other than to the media.

Even since the 28th Feb announcement that the project at Teitei would be cancelled, they still have not made any statements directly to the people that pay them and who they are supposed to be supporting.

We were included in an email chain to elected Councillors and the CEO, none of which responded to the questioning; only responding in the Ruapehu Bulletin when Clive Manley was asked for comment. This just isn't good enough, how long can they avoid taking ownership of their mistakes and how long can they ignore any and all questions.

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