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Whanganui Chronicle puff piece for RDC

I had a 42 minute call with Liz Wylie from Whanganui Chronicle on Wednesday 22nd November. Liz advised she would be speaking to Suze Redmayne (National MP for the district) along with investigating our accusations, such as the unaccounted for additional 2 lots (over and above the 44 assigned) and who the titles would belong to.

Rather than do anything with the information, she published a puff piece in favour of RDC on Saturday morning, belittled the Society and portrayed our findings unfounded.

The article just took the Mayors word for it, that the Society is a minority against the project. One can only assume from the last 3 articles the Chronicle has written about Ohakune's Social Housing Project, they don't want to be on the wrong side of RDC, a paying customer/advertiser.

RDC Mayor was quoted saying "the concerns about the likely impacts of the housing were unfounded"

Kainga Ora quoted as saying "disappointing a small lobby group was spreading incorrect information".

The public would assume some sort of investigative journalism from Whanganui Chronicle, we even did the hard work for them. Our report claims secrecy and lack of transparency from the parties involved in the project, yet you rather share comments from those entities and claiming we are spreading misinformation.

I have uploaded the 42 minute call to YouTube,

along with annotating the evidence.

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