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What a despicable council RDC has become

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

So, following the Zoom call had with Kainga Ora (KO) and Ruapehu District Council (RDC), I feel betrayed and disgusted with CEO Clive Manleys responses and he simply washed his hands of the ordeal, in a what's done is done manner. I directly asked him what he thought of the the placement of the proposed subdivision; why they couldn't have started at Field 2 rather than Field 1, with access from Ohakune-Raetihi road rather than through Carrot Park, and his only response was that KO is managing the development and they will take all the advice they give. KO's only advice for not using the field 2 was the additional roading costs, I suspect it would have not then been "Shovel Ready" meaning they would lose funding, but at the same time, I believe they don't want to mention the costs of upgrades to Carrot Parks intersection are going to be huge and at rate payers expense later.

Clive also stated that they had just had the funding accepted for the site, so that's why they didn't advise us earlier; well as per the 157 site design below, that was drawn up 21/09/22; I had also asked under Official Information Act what was going on back in Oct 22 and was declined information for commercial reasons. They have simply hidden this whole project from the public in a backroom deal, and didn't want any consultation.

Below left shows the 3 fields they could use, these are pretty much Stage 1,2,3

Bottom right, shows that stage 1 would need to build out infrastructure from all the homes in Stage 1, back to the pump station. Click the images to get a bigger view. Building at Field 2 would likely have less costs involved to connect to services.

The approach to managing the requirement for Ruapehu District Council to be impartial regarding consenting processes has already been decided by council and council have ‘objectively’ selected an independent contractor from a set council pool of preferred candidates and this contractor is now being funded for this work by Ruapehu District Council. We understand the "Independent" has been paid by council for other projects, so has a bias position because if he fails the consent, there is the chance he won't get more work in the future.

Please bear with me, as soon as this call ended, I had a number of drinks with a friend to drown my sorrows as I expected RDC to be a co-operating entity that looked after its rate payers. I thought I better post before I forget, thanks to the many of you that messaged in thanking us for our support on this matter, big thanks to Hamish & David, too.

While RDC simply washed their hand of everything, KO made it clear, this isn't a consultation and it was happening, provided the consent process proceeded. While sitting in the spa pool drinking away my sorrows, a friend and I came up with two possible outcomes.

  1. A vote of no confidence. RDC has not worked in the best interest of rate payers and did this under secrecy, albeit hiding the changes they made 3 years ago to facilitate this. If all RDC rate payers had been on the meeting, they would understand how badly RDC acted for their district. Both from a response perspective and a clear lack of interest. Lets consider that there are 1000 local residents, this will take into account renters, overseas staff and then KO tenants. This leaves all the homes used by holiday homes and businesses that can accomodate; this would likely mean over 50% of ratepayers are paying for services to be enjoyed by all, but also likely means 50-75%+ are out of town ratepayers. Can we call a vote of No Confidence?

  2. Ratepayers consider purchasing houses in the district with a back to back agreement for fully rented properties. I know 2 people in this space, good friends, that between them have 5 KO houses; some get trashed (considering they were all brand new), but the KO agreement is to re-instate houses to the same or better state on handing them back to the owner If we could band together and buy 10-15 properties for under $500k, they may need a few bits to bring them up to standard, and setup agreements to rent back to KO; then the housing need reduces and the problem goes away right? Well I don't think it's this easy and the proof was in tonights Zoom call. RDC and KO have made it extremely clear, they have funds to spend under Megan Woods in a specific way and alternatives are not possibly, this is both a Political stunt for Labour and a Cash Grab from Council.

Our family has spent over $2,500,000 in the region (mostly backed by the bank) so we could retire here once the chance arrived; after that Zoom call, I simply want to sell up and see RDC in the reviewer mirror.. Helen from Ngāti Rangi, I would love to hear how you feel about the way the government is using you as a pawn, houses could be bought and immediately house our people, but I hope you can see this political stunt going on. You said there is over crowding; wait till it happens at the Carrot Park accomodations and the park (that brings in jobs and money) disappears and Ohakune becomes a slum.

Ohakune may benefit some houses, but at the lack of rate payer confidence; companies and businesses will not want to invest in a town where dodgy deals like this happen; or where crime increases, and visitors don't have a safe place for their kids to play; all the people of Ohakune will suffer and the town will become a welfare housing project.

Bed time as I can barely read the keys. I look forward to KO sharing the Zoom call so everyone can see RDC for who they have become.

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