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Who can YOU Trust?

Clive Manley, Weston Kirton, Vivienne Hoeta from Ruapehu District Council, conflicted?

We keep being told we were consulted, over 100 people turned up in person making a record breaking event (albeit with no seating), then we told this is the beginning and consultation has just started! Mayor Says one thing, Deputy mayor says another Clive says one thing, Kāinga Ora says another see Video from KO here Ruapehu District Council says they are going for a notified consent, Kāinga Ora say, they will take the advice of the independent and if its suggested it doesn't need to be notified, they wont. Why are 3 parties, Ngāti Rangi, Ruapehu District Council and Kāinga Ora, all saying different things and not being transparent and open! This needs to stop!

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