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Zoom call between KO, RDC & Rate Payers

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

Yesterday evening (9th Aug 2023) we received a link to watch the Zoom call held 3rd Aug 2023, I have removed the Marketing and created chapters (in the description) on the YouTube video.

00:00 - First Question, why field 2 wasn't considered first, least affect.

00:50 - Clive (CEO RDC) asked for comment on the design and thoughts about placement. 04:03 - Is this going ahead regardless of community concern?

04:54 - What about the jobs?

07:10 - Our issue is the placement of where this is happening.

07:48 - Will this be notifiable consent?

08:38 - Neighbours consider this impact more than minor

12:04 - Who is the independent planner?

13:22 - Has the independent carried out work for council?

14:02 - Independent may not be impartial?

14:37 - is the existing walkway going to be retained between Snowmass and the Carrot Park? 16:13 - Confirm walkway will be diverted through the subdivision?

18:50 - Addressing traffic and Carrot Park Safety?

20:51 - Why can't existing properties be used that are listed on TradeMe?

22:15 - KO told to stop babbling and let the community talk!

23:29 - Where are the resources such as GP's, Schools, etc

25:09 - Where was the original funding designated for?

26:00 - Clive (RDC CEO) states there was consultation, community not happy and state they were not consulted!

26:42 - Bringing in people from outside of Ohakune with lack of doctors, etc, not KO roll to make that happen.

28:16 - Community agrees everyone has a right to housing ("read the room"), placement is the issue!

29:19 - Why can't the existing sub standard homes be used by knocking it down and building new.

30:00 - This is a RDC initiative and its driven by government funding for shovel ready land. 30:44 - Discussion around consultation, where was it? Clive????

31:02 - Ohh now they are "proposed homes".

32:14 - Clive states consultation and meetings were held about this??

32:52 - "Council felt it was part of its role"

33:00 - Clive called out for the secretive nature of this development.

33:51- No point consulting on land without government funding??? this started last year as per Resource Consent documents

34:00 - Are you bringing people into the area?

34:26 - Discussion on affordability and Ohakune being desirable

34:48 - A Builder advises KO that it would be impossible for KO to build cheaper houses than those on TradeMe that have double glazing and are in good condition.

35:24 - Builders accommodation, not even planned or known, so these houses (if not sold to first home buyers or workers accommodation) could end up remaining in KO hands for state housing! How are corporates getting a discount on workers accommodation?

36:44 - KO told this is a very one way conversation

37:40 - Last question to Clive (RDC CEO), residents request a meeting to discuss the matters without Kainga Ora; we were decline

If you have concerns, like me, please sign our petition at

Ohakune is a population of around 1200 people; we are already at over 750 signatures

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