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Huge amount of Info released under OIA

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

We have just had a huge amount of information released under OIA, I will edit this post over time with info we have found, you can view all the files at the following link:

  • It's been discovered that Ngāti Rangi had similar concerns regarding safety, people being relocated into the town, gangs, intensification, etc. Read more here

  • Only 30 of the proposed 140+ sections have been designed to comply with the minimum lot sizes, in the District Plan Policies & Rules. While that is one issue, all the concept designs break parking space rules, safety rules, distance from boundary rules and many more. Its also evident that it doesn't meet the spacial plan of the district, Read more here

Typical box cut swales
Typical box cut swales
  • Council were aware of the issues (flooding with stormwater) 1st June however continued to submitted resource consent with the incorrect information. The swales for the different road types are either 2.5m, 3m or 3.5m wide, with a proposed 1:5 slope. With a 1:5 slope, this would only allow for a depth of 30cm, which would mean water would get to a road intersection, have to go under a road, then come back up to be at 30cm again. SPOILER ALERT, water doesn't travel up hill!. OIA information advises a box cut will need to be designed and a new culvert design Our experts have advised these will need to be AT LEAST 0.7-1.4m deep (likely deeper), with driveway bridges (likely 3m wide) over the swale to each of the lots, a huge safety issue and a manoeuvring issue. See an example of what this swale would look like without the bridges

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