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KO did NOT follow contract Obligations

We received an OIA response that confirms that Kainga Ora did not follow their funding agreement held with Ministry of Housing and Development (MHUD) who managed the $5.3m grant for Teitei Drive.

The Conflict of Interest with Giles Tait of Kainga Ora back in October 2023 and the further update in November 2023 of the Senier Kainga Ora planners conflict, also reported by the Dominin Post, was never reported to MHUD.

Official Information requests also reveal that as we expected, KO was working outside the bounds of the agreement, did not receive any approvals from management or the board to spend an additional $2.3m of shortfall to fund Teitei Drive.


  • Kainga Ora did not report any of the Conflicts of Interest (CoI) to HUD as per the agreement clauses.

  • They noted the impact of the $2.3m shortfall as low from the beginning, all the way to the report following the cancellation of the project.

  • Confirmation they had a $2.3m shortfall from May 2023, 1 month after signing for the $5.2m funding in April 2023. See full OIA report on this subject here

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