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180 turn, Council go back on Commitment

The full OIA document we received on 1st December can be downloaded here

Council go back on their Commitment

It's now confirmed that Ruapehu District Council & Kainga Ora will NOT be notifying the Resource Consent to be submitted in January 2024 to begin earthworks. See the FAQ on Kainga Ora website. Also see Page 1 & 2 of this weeks Ruapehu Bulletin

This comes after RDC & KO being adamant the consents would be notified in multiple forms. It's even on video from the record attendance public meeting held 31st August, in multiple media articles, plus letter drops to the community which were also emailed out.

Commitment from RDC CEO to publicly notify the consent
Confidential Briefing 25th October 2023

We obtained OIA documents that show a confidential briefing held 25th October (public excluded time) where the CEO Clive Manley confirmed he had committed for feedback and consultation through a publicly notified resource consent process.

The notes also show Kainga Ora suggested that the Minister could override the process, but they also admit there is risk that the Minister could withdraw funding altogether.

If the consent proposed for earthworks & infrastructure proceed, the public will not have a chance to be consulted or provide feedback as the roads will be formed, the infrastructure installed; no changes will be possible This is just another Misleading and Obfuscating tactic that we have seen time and time again.

Council Confirms Ngati Rangi Incentive of 2 lots

We also obtained OIA documents from a workshop held 8th March where council have confirmed what we have asked time and time again. There are 46 residential lots that have been requested in consent, but only 44 allocated to Social (15), Affordable (15), Workers (14), what happens to the additional 2? They have been allocated to Ngāti Rangi, but it's not legally binding.

Thats because a draft agreement exists but hasn't been signed as it's conditional on consent. Remember how Ngāti Rangi refused (see their email here) to provide support for the project, then they did a 180 turn, thats because they were given an incentive. We wrote about this on 13th October & 1st November . We have been misled

Council Asks for Tips to Communicate with Public

Council even asked for "tips for communicating with the public about the need for public housing"

Join our Facebook Group

We have added another means for members to be kept informed please join our Facebook group, this will also allow you to provide feedback and discuss matters.

Join the Society

Please visit the Ohakune Ratepayers and Residents' Society Inc website and become a member. You can become a member for as little as $50p/a, fees help support the legal challenge, but more importantly give us a louder voice in numbers.

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