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Rate-Payers of Ohakune Forgotten?

LTP - Council Meeting dates
LTP - Council Meeting dates

Letter to Council


I note that council has 4 live streams of the LTP consultation and many held at halls for people to ask questions in their local town. 

As elected members are aware, 60% of Ohakune ratepayers are dual rate payers and cannot attend in person and in the current state are not able to stream a session that includes local representatives of Ohakune. 

It was highlighted over the last year how disappointed ratepayers of Ohakune have been with council and yet we have been excluded from the LTP process so it would seem. 

If you recall, which you very well should; Ohakune held the record breaking meeting on 31st August 2023 with over 100 in physical attendance and over 45 via zoom. The community was promised another public meeting that never eventuated, rather we were ignored and a vote was rushed through council agenda/meeting the following month and standing orders were breached with regards to letting the matter lie on the table. 

Are we to assume that council is reluctant to hold an LTP consultation with our community because they are scared of the potential PR disaster/questions?

I look forward to a response. 

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